Strong cryptography - since 1984

CPL Systems specialise in system monitoring and data encryption, since 1984, with over 10,000 customers. Email has become the default means of delivery for documents, spreadsheets and other files. Cloud Storage is now the standard method of backup and storage. In these areas it is vital that correct data security provisions are made and we can help with that using our data encryption expertise.

Since the early days of remote communications, we have provided cutting edge encryption solutions. Thousands of organisations worldwide currently use our software including banks and government agencies such as NASA and commercial companies such as Microsoft, BT, Ericsson, Boeing and General Motors.

PTP (‘Person To Person’) has evolved through years of continuous research and development begun in 1984. We successfully developed a major project for the authentication of credit cards in ‘Chip and PIN’ terminals in use in thousands of UK filling stations. This has left us well placed to develop products based on RSA Public/Private Key Encryption technology. This project gave us experience in the exceptionally high standards of product certification required by the banking authorities and today this is reflected in our high standards of quality control. For example, all our encryption products meet or exceed the following international security standards:

ISO International Organization for Standardisation 10118-3
ISO International Organization for Standardisation 18033-2
ISO International Organization for Standardisation 18033-3

USA Federal Information Processing Standards FIPS 180-2
USA Federal Information Processing Standards FIPS 140-2
USA Federal Information Processing Standards FIPS 46-3

Following extensive market surveys, Person To Person (PTP) was developed with a focus on overcoming the complexity and inconvenience of existing email security solutions. It incorporates a number of innovative features and in particular we have a patent pending for our unique invention which allows users to dispense with the complexities and cost of purchasing and managing Digital Certificates.